I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Northern British Columbia. I have broad research interests in applied mathematics and a multidisciplinary background in computer science, engineering and physics.

My main research areas are in numerical analysis and scientific computing, as well as their applications in the Mathematical Sciences. Currently, I work on conservative discretizations, which are structure-preserving numerical methods that preserve geometric invariants of differential equations. These methods have many applications in the physical sciences and engineering, and are used for predicting long term behaviours of large complex systems.

Academic Employment


  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Polytechnique Montréal (2010-2014), Advisors: Marc Laforest and Frédéric Sirois
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics, University of British Columbia (2008-2010), Advisor: George Bluman
  • B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics, with Math Honours & Computer Science Specialization, University of British Columbia (2002-2007)

Undergraduate Research and Graduate Studies

If you are a motivated UNBC undergraduate student with a strong Mathematical Science background, or you are interested in graduate studies in Applied Mathematics at UNBC, feel free to look up my research and contact me for potential opportunities.

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