Preprints / Submitted Articles

  • Cem Gormezano, Jean-Christophe Nave and Andy T. S. Wan, Conservative Integrators for Vortex Blob Methods, 36 pages, arXiv:2111.01233
  • Anil Hirani, Andy T. S. Wan, and Nikolas Wojtalewicz, Conservative Integrators for Piecewise Smooth Systems, 18 pages, arXiv:2106.07484
  • Andy T. S. Wan, Alexander Bihlo, and Jean-Christophe Nave, Conservative Integrators for Many-body Problems, 36 pages, arXiv:2106.06641
  • Geoffrey McGregor, Jennifer Tippett, Andy T. S. Wan, Mengxiao Wang, and Samuel W. K. Wong, Assessing the effectiveness of regional physical distancing measure of COVID-19 in rural regions of British Columbia, 26 pages, arXiv:2104.10878

Published Articles

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